God’s Gift: Human Sexuality

Human sexuality is one of the most beautiful gifts ever given by God to His creation. Join us as we explore the magnificent beauty and profoundness of this gift to discover God’s love, truth, and life.


In this section, explore the biblical meaning of true love in its different dimensions and as expressed in human sexuality.

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This section provides articles on what the Bible, the source of truth, says on the topic of human sexuality.

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In this section, explore articles addressing practical aspects of human sexuality that lead to an abundant life.

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Newest Articles and Videos

Beyond Binary: The Biblical Truth About Biological Sex, Gender and Creation

Biological sex is one of the most fundamental aspects of God’s created order. From the very beginning, as recorded in the book of Genesis, God intentionally designed and created human beings as male and female.

Why Get Married at All?

I graduated from college about four years ago and have been working fulltime about three years now. I’ve been seeing someone for about two years and my parents have recently begun to ask about our future plans.

Everything that God created is good, including sexuality. (Ep. 4)

Justin Kim, Callie Williams, Sikhu Daco, Jonathan Walter

Let’s take a look at a forbidden Bible book. (Ep. 5)

Justin Kim, Sebastien Braxton, Jonathan Walter, Israel Ramos

Homosexuality and the Bible: What is at stake in the current debate

The sexual distinction between male and female is fundamental to what it means to be human. Humankind-in-fellowship as male and female is fundamental to what it means to be in the image of God.

Ann: Honor Thy Father?

It was a trip I had been dreading. Driving down Main Street, I knew I was getting close. Turning onto a quiet side street, I saw a squarish, dark-red building surrounded by a tall, barbed-wire fence. That’s when the reality of the situation hit—my father is a prisoner.




When I was born, my mother was conflicted about having a daughter instead of a son. As a young child, my mom’s unspoken desire influenced my life, and my mother and I never fully connected emotionally. I remember feeling frustrated by her expectations…

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From a young age, I was extremely insecure about my looks and my personality. My hobbies and interests were considered more feminine, and I envied and admired the more masculine guys who seemed so confident around the girls. To complicate matters, I was exposed to pornography at age 7.

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As a child, Samir knew he was gay. Attracted to other young boys, he began experimenting sexually with his playmates but never talked about it. Growing up in a Muslim country…

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Here you will find a growing number of videos featuring engaging panel discussions, biblically-based sermons, practical interviews, and more. All address human sexuality issues with compassion and clarity.

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This section features recommended reading for all ages, addressing various aspects of human sexuality from a compassionate, biblical, and practical aspect. Check back often as the list continues to grow.

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The Seventh-day Adventist Church takes seriously what the Bible says regarding human sexuality. Here you will find a number of biblically-based official statements, guidelines, and documents on various aspects of human sexuality. 

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One of my pet peeves is when my husband and I are at home at the end of the day, catching up with each other, when the phone rings in the middle of what I am saying and he answers it. I wish he would set better boundaries and protect our time together from interruptions. What do you think?

Good communication is like the blood of relationships. Every facet of the living organism of your relationship hinges on good, healthy communication. If your blood circulation gets impeded or cut off to any part of your body, that part of your body begins to change color, tingle, or even go numb. If it continues, the part will begin to die, and eventually be forever harmed.

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We’ve been married for about six years. I expected by now we would have worked out the kinds in our marriage. Yet, we are steadily growing apart. How can we get back on track?

Marriage is one of the most challenging relationships to manage, because it’s the closest relationship for most people. And, while opposites tend to attract before marriage, opposites tend to repel after marriage. To avoid drifting apart you must be purposeful each day about growing closer together through the power of God. To grow apart in marriage you don’t need to do anything. To grow closer, you must intentionally break the following patterns in your marriage relationship.

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Why get married? Isn’t it better to just live together instead?

As people of faith living in a world without moral boundaries or constraints, it is essential to ask ourselves what norms we are living by and why. For Christians, the Bible is theoretically the guide used to determine what is appropriate or not. Yet, if we are honest with ourselves, we must admit that many are making decisions about important aspects of their lives based on what they see in the movies or read on social media. But the Bible shows us a better way.

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What’s the big deal with homosexuality? The older people in my church often refer to homosexuality as a sin. Why would it be a sin if God made a person that way?

What’s the big deal with homosexuality? The older people in my church often refer to homosexuality as a sin. Why would it be a sin if God made a person that way? Isn’t God and the Bible all about love? So why should it make a difference who a person loves? Does God really expect someone to live without love for their entire life if they were born homosexual? This doesn’t seem fair. What do you think? 

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Is being homosexual something that you are born with (genetic)?

This is a question to which science has not been able to provide a definitive answer. However, we have this inspired counsel from Ellen White: “Those who put their trust in Christ are not to be enslaved by any hereditary or cultivated habit or tendency. Instead of being held in bondage to the lower nature, they are to rule every appetite and passion. God has not left us to battle with evil in our own finite strength. Whatever may be our inherited or cultivated tendencies to wrong, we can overcome through the power that He is ready to impart.” (Ministry of Healing, pp. 174, 175).

If I love someone, what’s wrong with expressing that love through sexual intimacy, regardless of being married to them or not?

The Bible says decisions whether to have sex before marriage and when to have sex in marriage are not based upon how you feel; don’t make decisions based upon your emotions, and never underestimate the power of feelings. There are feelings that are misplaced and there are feelings that are misinterpreted. Misplaced feelings are giving God-ordained passions the wrong assignment.

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